Who am I? A message to our community.

So somehow you’ve found yourself on my tumblr page. If we haven’t met before my name is Lilly. It’s a pleasure to virtually meet you. To sum up my current life in a nutshell, I make youtube videos including comedy skits, motivational talks, original music and random vlogs and rants. I go by the name Superwoman (www.youtube.com/IISuperwomanII).

 When I first started making videos I honestly expected nothing less than 700 hate comments, which I did receive in small doses, but for the most part I was overwhelmed at how much love and support I received. It’s been about a year now and the response from my supporters has been overwhelming. I’ve been labelled a role model for young girls and been told that I’m the reason people feel inspired. As one of the only brown female comedians on YouTube, a great amount of pressure has been placed on me, but rest assured I welcome it and look forward to the challenge. =) 

 The reason for this sentimental, deep blog entry is because I’d like to discuss something very important to me. I hope you take it to heart and read it knowing that my best intentions are behind every word. I know a few other YouTube personalities may feel the same way but I write on my behalf. So here goes:

 If you’ve ever watched my videos you know that I value honesty, peaceful living, kindness and positive vibes. I try my very best to send messages of love and peace with everything I do. Even in my videos where I rant and complain hoping to evoke a smile out of my viewers, my intention is not to offend anyone, it is to do what an entertainer does…make you laugh. I truly believe that being a good person can make a difference in this world and I will continue to share that message.

 Having said that, I feel it’s human nature to ignore the full glass that sits on our table because we’d rather stare at the empty glass across the room. We feel the need to throw away positive vibes and focus on negative ones. I particularly feel that the brown community (sorry for the lack of a better term) is talented at doing this. I do it. You may do it. Your parents probably do it. Now, why am I being random? Let me explain. 

In a few of my songs I have talked about partying and having a drink. I do my eyebrows and I trim my hair. Yes, I go out like a normal person and dance the night away. Then I come home and make videos about doing sewa, being a good person and expressing my love for Sikhi. And a few people look at me and instantly label me as a fraud and a hypocrite. I’m here to say the following: “So what?”

I love Sikhi. I truly believe in a lot of values and morals taught by the Gurus. I believe in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I believe in doing sewa. I am a proud Sikh. But my religion above everything else is being a good person. And to me, that is what Sikhi is about. I have the utmost respect for people who do not cut their hair and follow Sikhi more strictly. I will forever admire your will. However to me the most important part of being spiritual…is to be a good person, to recite the name, to help others, to live honestly and to help those in need. My definition and beliefs about Sikhi may differ from yours and I totally respect that but I can only go by what I believe. I suppose we’ve all lived different paths and for whatever reason I am here. I have never ever claimed to be a religious leader. I have never lied about cutting my hair or having a drink or two, nor will I ever lie about such things. In fact I’ve mentioned these facts in many of my videos. The best I can be is myself.

I want to empower people, especially young girls. I want to be the reason people laugh and smile. I make every effort to do sewa at the gurdwara. I am so grateful for everything I have in life. I genuinely wish for people’s happiness and well-being. I read every message a fan sends me. I listen to people when they need an ear. I try to show people their worth because I believe everyone is beautiful. If someone is upset I want to show them every reason they should smile. I will continue to spread love and peace. If me partying, having a drink and trimming my hair lessen the positive message I try to spread, then I feel sad for our community. I feel sometimes we see someone doing something great and our first instinct isn’t to see the good, it is to nitpik and point out everything we think is bad. 

I want to say that if I seem to be giving off mixed messages I am deeply sorry. Like everyone else, Superwoman has layers. She’s a partier. She loves to go out. Yes, even to clubs!! *shock* She dances. She knows what a Yager Bomb tastes like. She trims her bangs. She does her eyebrows. But she values honest, kind living. She also loves every one of her fans to death. She wants to change the world. She wants to tell young girls that they can and they will live their dreams. She wants to tell every boy that he is a superman. She wants to tell every person crying that it will be okay. And she wants to empower you to become everything you deserve to be. 

To my supporters, I love you so much and that will never change. To those few who have questioned my values and morals, I am not angry. In fact I welcome your skeptical eyes with open arms. In the words of Adele, I truly wish nothing but the best for all of you. Again my intentions are clean and I hope after reading this you smile. Because that’s all i could ever ask for…

Happy Living to everyone always, 


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